ATLANTA -- Atlanta police said two people have been shot and a third person pinned under a vehicle after an incident on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon.

Details are still limited, but police confirm that the person who was pinned under the vehicle is in critical condition and has been taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Police have since wrapped up their crime scene tape but they arrived to find a car riddled with bullets and shell casings all around.

Police are still trying to figure out what happened but witnesses said that around 7 p.m. a car drove up to the AK Food Store and started shooting at people who were already at the store. Witnesses said that group returned fire.

One witness who said she was in the car that was shot several times said she stopped at the store when bullets started flying. She said she ducked and tried to get out of the way. Her car was left in gear and rolled over a man.

"There were several officers and a group of citizens that lifted the side of the vehicle - lifted it up on two wheels - and were able to get him out from underneath.

While that person is listed in critical condition, the other two are said to be stable. However, the suspects did escape. Right now there's no description of the people involved or the car they got away in.