Police are working to track down the person who stole construction equipment and rammed it into a gun shop.

The owners of Bull's Eye Indoor Range And Gun shop said around 2:30 a.m., someone used a backhoe from a nearby construction site to smash into the store front, located at 221 W. Crogan St.

PHOTOS | Construction equipment used to smash gun shop

As police arrived, a nearby witness was yelling from a nearby balcony that the suspect was running south down S. Perry Street. The woman had a unique view as the suspect drove the backhoe into the store, and "chopped" away at the store front. She saw him run from the scene when he heard police sirens.

The store was left with a gaping hole and a lot of damage, but no guns were taken.

Owners of the store identified damage at the back door and spotted an ax used in an attempt to gain entry throughthat door.

Lawrenceville Police called in K9 units and additional help from the Gwinnett County Police, but they were unable to find the suspect.

Police said the surveillance video shows the suspect was a tall, skinny, light-skinned male with dreadlocks.