Tiger Woods was confused when police are talking to him in the dash cam video of his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence in Florida on Monday.

The footage was released to USA TODAY Sports and other outlets by Jupiter police on Wednesday. Woods was found asleep inside his Mercedes, which was stopped with two flat tires and other damage alongside a roadway at 2:03 a.m.

The video shows Woods' car pulled over to the right side of the road with the right blinker on. Police officers approach the car and ask Woods where he is coming from and he says "LA". The officer asks Woods if he has been drinking and he tells them no. He does, though, admit to the officers he has taken medication.

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The police officer asks Woods to walk the white line heel to toe and he can't do it. The officer then takes out a flashlight and asks Woods to follow the red light and he can't do that. At one point, the officer says "you're not even looking at the light".

He takes a breath alcohol test and that showed no signs of alcohol in Woods' system.

Woods, 41, said in a statement on Monday that his DUI arrest was the result of "the unexpected reaction to prescribed medications." Woods told an officer he was taking a prescribed medication, the specific medication, however, was redacted in the police report.

Tiger Woods had to be woken up by police before DUI arrest

Woods underwent fusion surgery on his back on April 19, his fourth procedure to his back since April of 2014.

Woods’ vehicle was running with a blinker on when the first officer approached him. He fell back asleep after he was ordered to turn off the ignition. Woods was described in the police as having “slow mumbled and slurred speech” and "sluggish, sleepy."

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Woods also didn’t appear to know his surroundings.

“I asked Woods if he knew where he was at to which he stated he had no idea,” an officer wrote in the report. “Woods stated he didn't know where he was.”

Woods, who was also cited for improper stopping, standing or parking, is scheduled to be arraigned on July 5.

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