TUCKER, Ga. -- The DeKalb County Police Department is responding to former Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White, who said he feared for his life when an officer had his hand on his gun during a routine traffic stop.

White posted a series of Tweets on Wednesday that detailed an encounter he had with an "Officer Kirby" while pulled over on Interstate 285 for going 90 mph.

According to White, the officer approached White's car, undid the strap on his gun and put his hand on it. When White questioned his actions, the officer said it was police procedure. When White questioned him further, the officer changed his answer to that it was his own personal procedure.

Major S.R. Fore of DeKalb County police told 11Alive the officer did what he was trained to do.

"It's not uncommon for the officer to place his arm or hand across his weapon. It's all part of training," Fore said.

Fore added that the officer did not approach White in a threatening manner. There is no body or dash camera video of the incident.

Fore said traffic stops are the most dangerous encounters for law enforcement officers and that they have dealt with officer ambushes recently during stops. He said an officer may place his hand on his weapon because of things such as tinted windows and other occasions when they cannot see inside the vehicle.

White said on Twitter he would file an official complaint against the officer, which he would have to do in person. Fore said he has not filed a complaint as of Thursday evening.

"The tweets on Twitter we're aware of and we invite we invite him in so we can thoroughly investigate," Fore said.

11Alive reached out to White for an interview, and he has not responded.

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