If a Spring Break trip to the ocean or swimming pool left your cellphone under water, Staymobile has advice about how to save it.

These steps hold true even if you drop it in the toilet.

According to Staymobile, an Atlanta-based service company providing electronic repair, accessories and protection for businesses and consumers, you should get your phone to dry land as soon as possible.

The longer your device stays submerged, the more likely it is to never work properly again.

Here are other steps to take, according to Staymobile:

  • Turn your device off – shutting off your phone will help to prevent it from short circuiting.
  • Clear a path – water can quickly fill an entire phone. Make a path for it to get out by opening or removing any obstacles such as the battery and SIM card.
  • Air it out – open up your device and expose the parts to fresh air to improve the drying experience.

Staymobile also has steps to avoid:

  • Don't place your device in a bag of rice – it only helps absorb water along the outside of the device and won’t absorb any liquid on the inside, specifically towards the middle of the motherboard.
  • Don't use a hair dryer – exposing your electronic device to a direct heat source could ultimately damage expensive device components or melt special adhesives within the phone causing further damage.

If home remedies don't work, Staymobile specializes in resuscitating damaged devices.