Pokemon Go players could put their jobs at risk if they play the game while they're on the job, according to Atlanta employment attorney Michael Elkon.

"It's especially important for hourly employees," Elkon told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie. "If you're clocked in and being paid for your time, then most employers are not going to look too fondly on playing Pokemon Go."

"Employers could find that you're not getting your job done or wasting their time," Elkon added. "It's obvious when you're walking around, playing the game.

In Georgia, a right-to-work state, you could even be fired for it.

Elkon is a partner with Fisher Phillips, which specializes in representing employers with their workplace legal issues.

"Depending on the situation, we sometimes recommend that companies issue smart phones and pay for the accounts so they own the devices and accounts" Elkon said. "That way, they can control the accounts in the event that issues with the phones arise."

Even if they don't issue company smart phones, many employers have rules for employees about bringing and using their own devices at work.

"Pokemon Go is so popular that this is a good time for employers to review and reiterate their policies that govern what employees can do on their personal and work devices," Elkon explained.

Elkon said Pokemon Go could also raise issues with workplace safety.

"The game causes people to wander into places they haven't otherwise been," he said. "They could end up in restricted areas. This is a good time for employers, especially with large facilities, to think through whether they have any hazards that need to be addressed."