11Alive's La'Tasha Givens has actually found some eclipse glasses -- after going on a wild goose chase, or glasses chase, she finally found some in Woodstock.

After searching grocery stores, eyeware companies and everywhere else in the metro area, with only hours to go before the eclipse, she found Diane Warren in Woodstock.

"We literally didn't have a place to set up until yesterday, so we just started posting online and social media, spreading the word," she said.


Once her tent was pitched, sales have been running non-stop.

"We just had someone ask if they could get 40 glasses, and we said yes, but then we thought there are so many people who need them, so we're going to put a cap on it, because we want everyone to experience it," she said.

Kevin Evans said he heard about the last-minute option and made a U-turn.

"I was on my way to the store and I thought, well, just let me come down Highway 5 and take a look and see if they were there," he said.

Donovan Gray was jogging, spotted the tent and ran back to get some.

"It's really cool, because it's like the rays are present and visible and you can just stare at it," he said. "It's just crazy."

Parker and Gabriel's dad Mike forgot to bring some home, so this was their first stop after church.

"We're probably going to watch it from home and stay home from school," Mike said.

Ralph and Cathy Matthews will be two less in Atlanta traffic -- they're taking the day off too.

"I get off at 4, and the schools are letting out later, so I would be hitting school departure," Cathy said.

Again, if you can't get your hands on these eclipse glasses, we have a DIY project posted on 11Alive.com which will allow you to safely view the eclipse yourself.