The DeKalb County Schools have released the results for five more schools in its system-wide testing for the presence of lead in drinking water. Testing for lead in water sources began after an 11Alive investigation uncovered the lack of lead testing in local school districts.

In the latest tests, results show that four of the five DeKalb schools tested positive for lead. The schools that failed are:

  • John Lewis Elementary School: of 18 water sources tested, two water fountains failed
  • Kittredge Magnet Elementary School: of 22 water sources tested, three water fountains tested positive for lead
  • Murphey Candler Elementary Schools: of 34 sources tested, three water fountains tested positive
  • Rock Chapel Elementary School: of 31 sources tested, one water fountain failed

Water sources at Indian Creek Elementary School were also tested, but all passed.

The district said all those drinking fountains that tested positive for traces of led have been removed from the schools and are being remediated. Any water source that tests at or above the EPA’s guidelines for 15 parts per billion is a failed test.

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Since lead testing began in September, the district has tested 634 sources in 25 schools. Of those tested, officials say 32 sources, or about 5 percent, have tested positive for lead. The district will continue to test water sources until summer 2017.

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In August when asked about their testing program, DeKalb County sent us this statement: “As a standard practice for the past 20 years, the District has not used any lead solder in any of our new construction, additions, or renovation work. Also, all of our copper piping repairs are made using a press pipe joining process that does not require any soldering. We continue to test and monitor water quality at all of our schools.”

DeKalb Schools have set up a new hotline to answer any questions about the lead testing program. It will be staffed from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. The number is 678-676-1222.

Operators can answer general questions about the testing schedule and the results of tests posted online.

The DeKalb County Schools are posting testing results on their website. The system operates 150 schools and facilities with more than 100,000 students.

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