The Georgia Department of Education has released the schools with the top SAT scores across Atlanta.

Grady High School sits a top the list, with a mean composite score of 1595. At Grady, 182 students took the test.

North Atlanta High School meanwhile is second on the list with a score of 1476. Two hundred and fifty-eight students took the test there.

Each of the scores are out of 2400.

According to the press release from the department of education, "Georgia students increased their scores on every section of the traditional SAT in 2016."

The release also added a total of 69,922 students took the SAT, old or new, at least once in 2016. Overall, Georgia students outperformed the national average, and ranked 36th in the nation.

The SAT has been redesigned and the new composite score will be out of 1600 for future tests. Some students took the redesigned tests but the College Board is not reporting school or district results to the state due to the number of students who participated.

Find out how your school did here.