The debate about how much homework is too much is raging as students head back to class.

11Alive asked our audience if they would ban homework in their household if they could. The overwhelming majority said they would. See the poll, here.

The conversation was sparked by a dad's story about what he learned from doing his daughter's homework for a week.

He said he wandered, "What is the exact nature of the work that is turning her into a sleep-deprived teen zombie so many mornings?"

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Dennis Freeman of In-Home Tutors Atlanta is in favor of homework. Here is his opinion:

  • Homework gives the student a chance to review the day’s lesson and make sure they understand; reinforcement that same night can help solidify the concepts in the child’s memory.
  • If there is a tutor, the tutor can perhaps present the material in a different way to help the child understand more completely.
  • Children thrive on routine; establishing a regular homework period – even if it involves reading – can calm the child and avoid bedtime meltdowns.
  • Regular review of math facts until they become automatic will reduce the load on “working memory” – allowing the student to work more complex math problems more easily.