Facebook is stepping up its fight against fake news.

Or as Facebook calls it: "disputed" news.

A warning label is being slapped on articles that clearly have no basis in fact or reality — at least some of them.

Among the disputed offenders that people spotted on Facebook: A fictionalized story, "Trump's Android Device Believed To Be Source of Recent White House Leaks," from a fictional publication, "The Seattle Tribune." The story carried a disputed label with links to fact-checking services that explained why it was not true.

The website has a disclaimer that it is a "news and entertainment satire web publication." But the story fooled people anyway.

The "disputed" tag is part of Facebook's grand plan to crack down on fake news as the company tries to tamp down the controversy over its role in the spread of misinformation that sharpened political divisions and inflamed discourse during and after the presidential election.

To flag a fake news article, users click on the upper right hand corner of a post.