The Filipino-American community in Atlanta hit the streets of Chamblee, Friday, passing out flyers trying to make people aware that Cecilia Bustamante is still missing after two long months.

They're also trying to gather any information they can to help with the investigation.

One of our own has been missing since Oct. 28," Willy Blanc with the Filipino American Association of Greater Atlanta said.

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He is the organizer behind an ongoing search for the missing woman.

Bustamante, originally from the Philippines, lives in Chamblee with her husband and 7-year-old son.

She was last seen frantically leaving the Willy's restaurant in Midtown where she works.

"Somebody needs to stand up for her and that's what we are doing right now," Blanco said.

Chamblee Police are still searching for leads. They said they've talked to the husband twice but he's not saying much.

Blanco said he's also talked to her friends.

"A troubled relationship with her husband and that's all they can say right now," Blanco said.

He said her parents in the Philippines are trying to get here, but their visa applications were denied.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is aware of the case. The Filipino Honorary Council General is getting involved as well.

He urged Blanco to reach out to Bustamante's husband to offer support.

"We can't imagine how hard it is for them," Blanco said. "He and his son Alex and what they are going through right now."

He knocked on the door on Friday night but no one answered.

There's a business card taped to the door telling media to call a law firm.

Police said a friend in Baltimore - not Bustamante's husband - reported her missing five weeks after she was last seen.

"This is our own so we have to protect with each other," Doddy Ward, a Filipino American also involved in the search, said.

Group members said they have a private investigator on their own who will get on the case the following week. They're hoping it will lead to some sort of break.