Attorney Jessica Cino, associate dean for academic affairs at Georgia State University, was able to help about 50 people acquire their bridal and bridesmaids' gowns from the shuttered Alfred Angelo location in Dunwoody.

All of the Alfred Angelo Bridal stores were shut down earlier this year when the company went bankrupt.

"The lawyer for the debtor Alfred Angelo was my bankruptcy professor," Cino said. "She called and said they weren't able to get the Atlanta store opened up and get the dresses to the brides. So I said let me grab my students, we will come down here and hand out as many dresses as we can."

The lawyer was able to work out getting the doors unlocked for them and the students helped brides get their dresses.

Brides and bridesmaids were contacted by email and told they could stop by on Saturday morning to get their dresses. The students had inventory on the dresses and checked IDs and orders to make sure everyone was getting the dresses they had paid for.

“For a lot of them, it is the special day. So being able to have their wedding dresses and their bridesmaid dresses, or their veils, whatever it happens to be it is part of that day. You don’t need the added stress of having your dress or your other items held hostage,” she said. “They closed up shop, employees left the next day so as you can see there are racks full of dresses that need to get to brides. I know what it is like when you pick out that dress and you are so excited for it. If someone had told me you can’t have that dress anymore I would have been devastated.”

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Tiffany Clark said she received an email two days earlier from the bankruptcy attorney letting her know she could pick up her dress Saturday morning. She drove to Atlanta from Birmingham to get her dress. She had initially selected and paid for her dress at the store in Atlanta in March.

“My wedding venue has burned down and then, of course, my dress maker went bankrupt, so it has been a trying time.” She has since booked a new venue.

When she heard of the bankruptcy and found out she couldn’t get her dress, she said she was heartbroken, but she once she found out she could get to Atlanta to pick it up this weekend, she was overjoyed.

"I’m just overwhelmingly ecstatic, I’m glad we are here and I’m glad we’ve got it," she said.

Clark says the GSU law students and professors who made this weekend's event happen are all invited to her wedding.

“They’re all invited to the wedding, everybody. Free drinks on us!" she said. "With it being an October wedding and it being August, I was stressing out a lot. But like I tell people I guess I shouldn’t have tried to have my wedding on Friday the 13th because I lost a venue and a dress.”