Chris Wright and Rontunde "TunDe" Hector have seen their share of life's surprises.

Their story of friendship and fate has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans, and most recently, landing the pair a visit to Ellen.

Chris, from Bogart, Ga., and TunDe, from Athens, both boil it down to faith.

"We were struggling every day, and we were counting down the hours until she showed up in the afternoon," Wright said.

Chris Wright's mother, Judy, had been struggling with Parkinson's Disease and the family needed extra hands to assist with care.

TunDe was the nursing aide who answered the Wright family's prayers. The family soon discovered it wasn't the first time faith had brought them together.

"We were sitting there talking, and we're just getting to know each other," Chris said of their meeting this past June while TunDe cared for his mother.

The two began to discuss their churches as TunDe recounted a memorable moment three years earlier.

"I always refer to him as 'that guy.' 'That guy that came by that day.'" TunDe said of the stranger that aided her when she was stranded without gas, stuck on the side of the road.

Telling the story to Chris, she referenced the money given to her by rescuer, who also took her to refill her gas tank.

"When we left, he gave me the $40. It meant the world to me," TunDe said.

"TunDe, that was me!" Chris said in recognition, adding the moment gave him chills.

"God put me in TunDe's life in her darkest time, and three years later, she shows up in my darkest time to bless me," he said. "I don't know what was going on in her life those few weeks that she was caring for my mom, but when she walked in that door, my mom was the only thing she had in her mind."

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When Chris' mother passed away, the Wright family decided to bring the blessing full circle. In lieu of flowers, the family asked for donations to fund TunDe's nursing school tuition.

The Wright family captured TunDe's surprise in a video that has since gone viral.

Since this summer, donations have continued to pour in, with more than $37,000.

'There's a lot of good acts that people do every single day," Chris said. "We just were fortunate and lucky that God blessed us to let us see him come full-circle through one act of kindness."

"I want them to know I am eternally grateful," TunDe said. "I'm doing my best to make them proud."