HUNTSVILLE, Al. -- There were some scary moments for a young Alabama girl and her family during a weekend outing to an exotic animal park.

We warn you, this video may be shocking to some viewers.

Nine-year-old Cheyenne was with her mother and younger sister at one of their favorite places, Harmony Park near Huntsville, when a terrifying encounter happened.

The family had been there many times before, but they had never before seen the kangaroos.

\While mom Jennifer White was capturing cell phone video of the girls, the kangaroo reaches through the fence and grabs Cheyenne by her hair, and appears to bite her.

They immediately sought medical attention. Cheyenne had to have 14 stitches in her head, and is recovering at home.

Cheyenne’s mother says the park should do more to protect visitors.

The park has not commented on the incident.