The Georgia Sheriff's Association is asking the governor to appoint a committee to investigate the Walton County Sheriff's arrest last year at a Florida bar.

It stemmed from an incident at a Carrabelle, Fla. bar in May 2016.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman, who was on vacation, said an argument began when a man tried to take money he’d left on a pool bar. He said the man directed threats at him and then left.

The man then returned with another man, who he claimed was his brother, and again said he was going to take the money from the pool table. Chapman said he pushed him away and the two men went outside.

“I instinctively chased them outside,” Chapman said in a statement. “Local law enforcement was called. The person that I pushed said that if I paid him a 1000.00 he wouldn't press charges. I refused and was charged with battery.”

The case, which had been reduced to disorderly conduct, against Chapman was dismissed this week after pre-trial intervention.

In a statement, Chapman said, “I hate that this happened and I'm embarrassed that it happened. With that being said I can't say that I would handle the situation any different. I would have brought this to your attention sooner, but I had to let the legal process take its course. I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability. Thank you."

The Georgia Sheriffs’ Association is requesting that Gov. Nathan Deal appoint an investigative committee to look into the arrest.