LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter says his office may decide next week if they'll bring charges against the two police officers fired after videos showed a controversial traffic stop.

"I would say that, probably next week, sometime, we're gonna meet with the police department and make some decisions," said Porter.

Porter says the case bothers him for several reasons.

"A person holding his hands up, the reasonable inference is, they're not resisting and they don't present a danger," Porter said.

Possible charges against the two officers includes battery, assault under the color of law and violation of oath.

Master Police Officer Robert McDonald, a 3-year veteran, was fired Thursday after a video captured by a witness showed him kicking a handcuffed man.

Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni, a 19-year veteran, was then fired when another video emerged showing him pull the suspect out of a car and punch him.

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Porter said Friday that he's known Bongiovanni since his rookie year at the police academy.

"This is unusual, if you look at his whole career," Porter said.

"Up until this point, he was a good police officer. I know of at least one instance where he saved another officer's life. He pulled a woman out of a burning car."

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Porter commends the Gwinnett County Police Chief for immediately firing the two officers.

On Friday, Gwinnett County Solicitor-General Rosanna Szabo said cases in which the officers were the principal officers or a necessary witness were thrown out. That included 63 cases in Gwinnett County Recorder's Court and another 26 in Gwinnett County State Court.