As a parent, being away from your child can be difficult, especially when that child is a newborns.

That is why the WellStar Health System is rolling out new cameras in their neo-natal intensive care units to help keep parents connected.

It is already helping new mom and dad Ronald and Whitney Chin, who didn't expect to hear the sounds of little cries so soon.

"They had other plans," said Ronald Chin.

Their twin sons August and Roman, set for a December delivery, decided to make their appearance into the world early, at 26 weeks.

"It was very unexpected," added Whitney Chin. "You're very nervous and you're worried about them being okay. So that was my main concern."

The first time parents make multiple trips to Kennestone Hospital to check on the boys, but since their arrival, the NICU had a new addition of its own, NicView cameras that transmit live pictures every few seconds for parents and loved-ones to view remotely from cell phones, computers, or tablets.

"It was exciting to know that we'll be able to see them even when we're not here, because as much as you want to be here, you can't be here every second, every minute of the day," said Whitney.

Kennestone say it is the first hospital with the technology in Georgia. The facility has about 30 cameras that can be used by parents after they sign a consent form. They are then given a password to a secure site that they can share with whoever they choose.

The cameras do more than just provide a visual look inside the NICU. Carole Harman, Executive Director of Women's and Children's Services for Kennestone Hospital says they are having a positive physical impact for some mothers as well, like one who couldn't see her child due to her own medical issues.

"We showed her a picture of her baby and with that her blood pressure came right down, and she was able then to begin pumping to feed the baby, so we saw an immediate effect with that mother," said Harman.

They have also been able to connect a grandmother outside the country with her newest grandchild.

The hope is to gradually extend the cameras to other hospitals within the WellStar system in the future.

For the Chins, the first parents to use the new technology, they're glad it will be in place for others who may be in their shoes in the future.

"I gave us another sense of being at ease," said Whitney Chin. The family hope they will be able to bring their boys home sometime in December, just in time for Christmas.

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