ATLANTA -- Monday marked the third day in a row of "extremely high" pollen counts, according to Atlanta Allery & Asthma.

Saturday's count was 2890. Sunday, the first day of spring, came in at 2651. Monday was slightly lower at 1590, but still in the "extremely high" range. Most of the pollen is coming from trees: Oak, Pine, Sweet Gum, Hackberry, and Sycamore. Grass pollens are in the medium range. Nettle weed pollen is also present, but only in low quantities.

Just over halfway through March, we've already racked up four of those extremely high pollen days. In March 2015, there was only one for the entire month.

So, what's causing your eyes to itch and your nose to run? Check out our field guide to pollen to identify the culprits in your area.