BOWDON, Ga. -- Carroll County school officials are investigating after a student claims he was served food that expired two years before.

The high schooler told 11Alive that he got the breakfast wrap in the school cafeteria on Monday. Administrators confirmed that he did report the incident and they are currently trying to figure out why the expired food was still being served and how to prevent it from happening again.

A picture of the El Paso ‘Fold ‘N Go’ wrap has "Better if used by June 24th 2014" written on the back of the packaging. The student said he alerted the nutrition staff and posted the picture on social media. The post has been shared more than 740 times.

After being contacted by 11Alive’s Faith Abubey, a spokesperson for the school district sent the following statement:

“On February 27, A student at Bowdon High School received a pre-packaged item in the cafeteria that was out of the suggested date range. When the student notified School Nutrition personnel, the staff member immediately offered the student a replacement food item and reported the incident to the District Director of School Nutrition. The Director is currently conducting an investigation and reviewing processes and procedures to ensure that the health and safety of all of our students remains a top priority.”

11Alive also checked with the Carroll County Health Department for a history of inspections at the school cafeteria. The database shows there have been five health inspections at the Bowden High School cafeteria since 2014; each time the school received an ‘A’ grade.