Many new laws went into affect on July 1 but the most anticipated Georgia law won't go into effect until September 1.

This new law will allow craft beer brewers to sell their beer straight out of their distilleries, but at limited quantities.

Before this bill, brewers were not allowed to practice this. They had to get distributors who would then have to find retailers in order to sell their products.

Now, this new law will allow beer-makers to sell 'limited quantities' of their beer straight from their breweries to the consumers.

This bill was introduced to the Senate earlier in 2017 and gained a lot of support from senators.

The bill would allow individuals to buy to-go, which could amount to as much as one case of beer directly from a brewery. It eliminates the requirement that they buy a tour to do so. And it allows patrons to buy and drink beer on site. It caps brewery sales at 3.000 barrels or 93,000 gallons annually.

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