MCDONOUGH, Ga. -- With two weeks until Election Day, several recent polls in Georgia have shown Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton statistically tied.

Georgia has, for so long, been a red state. But several counties around Atlanta show why it’s starting to trend bluer. One of those places is Henry County.

McDonough Square sports dozens of Halloween scarecrows. This time this year, it also sports Mac Alexander, the square’s most prominent supporter of Donald Trump.

“I’ve been out here every day last week, and I’ll be out here every day this week, God willing,” Alexander said. “I feel I need to be here instead of out catching fish.”

Look beyond the square, and you’ll see Alexander’s not alone. Henry County is dotted with yard signs and banners for races national and local.

“Everybody got their Hillary signs and some people got their Donald Trump signs,” said resident Sheila Lee.

Lonzel Lakey said he also sees many signs in her subdivision – mainly, he said, for the Republican party.

In the last 15 years, Henry County has gone from a deep red to perhaps the closest county to purple in metro Atlanta. Its population has nearly doubled from more than 100,000 residents to more than 200,000. That population has also diversified from more than 80 percent white to barely 50 percent.

“It’s just like the whole country -- the more the minority groups grow, the more you’re going to see a tightening of the races,” Lakey said.

And even in an election where so many have tuned out, the county has become a center for conversation.