DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- Captain Ruth Stringer, a 27-year veteran of the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office has been named by DeKalb Superior Court Judge Courtney Johnson to fill the post of county sheriff in place of the current officeholder, Sheriff Jeffrey Mann.

Gov. Nathan Deal announced a 40-day suspension for Mann on Monday. Mann was arrested by Atlanta Police last month on indecent exposure and obstruction charges.

“I am pleased to be able to serve in this capacity,” Stringer said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. “With the support of my more than 800 dedicated colleagues at the sheriff’s office, I will continue our commitment to the safety and security of the communities we serve and to performing at a level of excellence in all that we do.”

Stringer was sworn into office on Tuesday.

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Mann's suspension came after an investigation by a committee appointed by Deal looked into the charges. The committee, made up of state attorney general Chris Carr, Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown and Peach County Terry Deese, completed their investigation last Thursday and delivered their findings to the governor's office.

Mann had been arrested in Piedmont Park late on Saturday, May 6, after he was spotted in an area known for illicit sexual activity after dark.

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According to a police report, Mann was seen by a police officer making inappropriate motions and rubbing his crotch through his pants, before exposing himself to the officer. Once the officer shined a flashlight on Mann and identified himself as a police officer, Mann fled, and was pursued by the officer before being apprehended about a quarter of a mile away.

About two weeks after his arrest, Mann placed himself on a one-week, self-imposed suspension for what he termed "conduct unbecoming," but insisted the "self-imposed discipline" was not an admission of guilt.

In an internal memo obtained by 11Alive News, Mann said in part, "I am disciplining myself for 'conduct unbecoming,' specifically the provision definied as 'engaging in conduct on or off duty which has a tendancy to destroy public respect for the employee and/or the DKSO and/or destroy confidence in the operations of the County service is conduct unbecoming and is prohibited.'"

Mann's attorney said that during the self-imposed disciplinary period, Mann would donate his salary to a charity as part of the discipline.