GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- Comedian Katt Williams was ordered to pay more than $86,000 in damages in connection with an alleged assault at a pool supply store in Gainesville, Ga. last year.

Williams was arrested and charged after he allegedly hit an employee of Leslie's Pool Supplies in February 2016.

On Tuesday, a judge ordered that Williams pay $86,715 in damages to Paul Love in connection with the alleged assault.

The damages were broken down as follows:

* Past medical expenses: $6,500

* Pain and suffering: $13,000

* Intentional infliction of emotional distress, fright and anxiety: $13,000

* Punitive damages: $54,000

Last December, Williams was banned from Hall and Dawson counties after being found guilty on numerous charges in connection with another incident.

Williams had a number of other run-ins with the law in 2016. In addition to allegedly assaulting the pool store employee, he was also accused of assaulting five women and stealing their cell phones, identification and bank cards; throwing a salt shaker and bloodying someone's lip; and getting into a fight with a Gainesville teenager.

Katt Williams' mug shots