A Marietta church is trying to spice up the way they connect with locals, using a little play on pumpkin spice.

For the past few weeks, the sign at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection on Papermill Rd. has displayed a festive fall message: “Now serving pumpkin spice Communion. JK Yall.”

The pastor said the sign is typically reserved for Bible verses or special event announcements. Yet, the little joke about pumpkin spice has become popular on social media, people sharing a photo and a laugh.

“There’s so much that’s hurting and broken in the world,” Reverend Stephen Friedrich said. “So there’s a little piece that we can put into the world, that’s a counter narrative. The big thing is there a smile on their face. That the world’s not as bad as it seems a lot of times…that God is still at work in this world.”

The reverend said the church always looks for creative ways to communicate the Gospel in a creative, eye-catching way.

As the church, we don’t just sit back and hide,” Friedrich said. “We are in the world, that’s the world of the Internet, social media.”

“If it’s a sign about pumpkin spice communion, if it points people to Jesus, all the better,” Friedrich said.”