Emma Jane Rowland is elated for a reason that might seem obvious if you only look at the milestone.

This past weekend, the beloved reverend at Word of Faith Family Worship in Austell turned 100 years old, but that's not what has her excited.

"It doesn’t feel like numbers," she said. "It feels like a blessing. ”

For more than a decade Rowland has led the morning prayer at the church. That decade is just a sliver of her life.

These days she loves to talk about the early days, growing up on a farm just south of Columbus, Georgia. She talks of her struggles and survival, living to 100 years old. A century is cause for celebration but it's also a reminder.

But these past few days have reminded her of new connections...and that is why she is excited.

For this story, 11Alive's Matt Pearl put Rowland on Facebook Live, giving thousands an opportunity to say hello and pass along their well wishes...and the comments poured in.

"This is awesome," she told Pearl. "This is awesome. I wouldn’t have thought that this would ever happen to me.”

Now, Rowland begins her second century with a full cup of faith and love.

“What a life," she said. "God is so awesome."

Watch Facebook Live here.