COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- Needles and trash scattered across the floor. So much trash from food, that it spilled into the hallway.

That's what Cobb Police officers found when they responded to a call at The Inn Town Suites efficiency motel on July 31.

Police said a man and his wife were staying there with their five children inside the motel room. But when police walked in, they were met with "deplorable conditions."

Throughout the room, officers said they saw suspected marijuana on the floor. Syringes were in reach of the children, who only had a bag of chips to eat the entire day. Police said the man admitted to selling crack cocaine out of the room.

During the encounter, an officer found a small child on the floor that was crying and clearly upset. One of the officers, Officer Zander, picked up the child and held the the infant until members of the Cobb County Division of Family and Children’s Service arrived.

Cobb Police posted about the interaction on their Facebook page, saying the officer and the child bonded immediately. They wrote that these kinds of dispatches have a lasting effect on the officers involved.

Police said two adults, Sanchez Torone Lampkin and Tiffany Nicole Mathis, were arrested and each charged with five counts of First Degree Child Cruelty, Possession of Marijuana. They were granted a $50,000 bond.

The children were place in protective custody.

Sanchez Torone Lampkin and Tiffany Nicole Mathis (Photo: Cobb County Sheriff's Office)