It's become a steady beat of grief. Atlanta’s hip hop community is in mourning, again, over the death of a young rapper.

VIDEO | Death of rapper Yung Mazi is latest high-profile hip hop deaths

Yung Mazi was shot and killed outside of a pizzeria in the Kirkwood area Sunday night, Aug. 6, less than a year after he was shot multiple times outside of a Waffle House in Buckhead.

Atlanta is one of the main arteries that supplies mainstream rap to the nation and the world. When a fatal shooting happens in Atlanta, the ripples are felt industry-wide.

The news of Mazi's death dominated social media platforms the morning after his death.

Before he died, Mazi posted a video and claiming he was ‘bullet proof’ and did an interview on why he kept getting shot.

WARNING | Video contains explicit language

"I’m a real dude. Some people don’t like real dudes. That’s cool. I’m not hatin’. I’m not mad."

Yung Mazi had disclosed to police that he had been shot another 10 times before the Waffle House shooting.

Bankroll Fresh was close friends with Mazi. He, too, was shot to death.

Bankroll Fresh died outside of the Street Execs Studio in northwest Atlanta on March 24, 2016. He would have been 31 this past July.

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VIDEO | Video shows moments before rapper Bankroll Fresh's death

Bankroll’s father, who goes by K-Rich, spoke with 11Alive’s Neima Abdulahi.

"He’s actually like family," he said of Mazi. K-Rich said both young men has their careers and lives cut short.

On the day after another death, he has a strong message for those in the industry left behind: "You guys have one of the most powerful platforms. You can use it two ways. Negative or positive. That’s the only reason I’m speaking to you.”

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