ATLANTA -- It was only one moment in a long campaign.

But a reporter chasing after Republican Congressional candidate Karen Handel -- during a Memorial Day event in Roswell -- came up in Tuesday night's 6th district debate.

Handel was asked about an incident in Montana where witnesses said a candidate bodyslammed a reporter from The Guardian.

Handel mentioned the Roswell incident saying "a reporter supposedly representing some very liberal Democratic organization almost literally accosted me at some Memorial Day program." She also said she doesn't condone the aggressive reaction of the candidate in Montana.

The incident in Roswell was documented by an 11Alive News crew. The reporter was Greg Palast of Pacifica Radio, a public radio network. His website describes him in Woodward and Bernstein terms.

He was trying to get Handel to answer questions about voter suppression, and had approached her abruptly. Handel answered two of his questions, then turned toward a local news crew with whom she'd previously agreed to speak.

Palast tried to maneuver in front of Handel and barked questions as she walked away. Handel's supporters formed a human barrier around her. Some argued with him. One called him an "idiot liberal."