DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- A DeKalb County middle school student was arrested after a gun was found in his book bag at McNair Middle School on Tuesday. Later, 11Alive found out that a teacher said he was threatened by that very student.

"Teachers get threats all the time," Matthew Kennel said. "Teachers get cussed at. F-words, b-words, c-words."

Kennel is a chorus teacher at McNair Middle School and is referring to an incident two weeks ago when he said a male student threatened to shoot and kill him. Two days ago, Kennel said that student showed up with a gun, but was taken into custody by a school resource officer after an administrator was notified.

11Alive's Duffie Dixon has confirmed that the student had 15 round of ammunition in the backpack as well.

The District Attorney's office is now investigating the student's intentions, specifically why he brought the gun to school. But now, there are questions are to whether school administration was transparent enough with what they told parents.

In a written statement sent home to parents, the principal simply said a "student was taken into custody after a weapon was found in a book bag on the campus. Weapons of any type have no place in our schools or facilities. This incident is under investigation and, upon its conclusion, DCSD will respond appropriately to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment."

There was no reference to the weapon being a gun and there was also no indication of the alleged threat. The student, who hasn't been identified, was taken into custody before anything happened.

As for the actual threat, Kennel said he discussed it with the student's parents when it happened, but he said the whole incident is a wake up for all adults who have kids.