SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- One of the alleged victims of a human trafficking suspect is offering more insight into what happened inside the Sandy Springs mansion, where several women told police they were being held against their wills.

Kenndric Roberts, 33, is facing 15 charges, including false imprisonment and human trafficking, after six of eight women staying with him told police that he refused let them leave a million-dollar home and conned them out of thousands of dollars they made while working as dancers in local adult entertainment clubs.

"It's house of full of girls and...if I try to leave, he’ll try to kill me," a caller told a dispatcher that led officers to the house on March 7.

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Six women who stayed with Roberts in the Strauss Lane mansion said he threatened their lives, and Fulton County court documents indicate that Roberts had been accused of similar threats in the past. One woman told 11Alive that Roberts was controlling and emotionally abusive, and that his social media posts boasting of a lavish lifestyle were a sham.

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Now, one of those victims is elaborating more on life inside the mansion, telling 11Alive's Valerie Hoff gave all of the girls rankings based on how much money they brought in. She said she was ranked third, behind the two women who told police they were not victims, one of whom was Roberts' official girlfriend. The victim said she wished she had a lower ranking because "maybe he would have put less pressure" on her to make money.

The anonymous 19-year-old told 11Alive that Roberts kept meticulous records of how much money each women earned from dancing, even forcing the women to fill out documents. The victim said he would also dictate everything they bought, right down to denying them ice cream during a grocery store trip.

"I made almost a thousand dollars each night at that club and I gave it to that man," she told 11Alive.

She said at the end of each night, the women would have to respond to a group text message and indicate whether they were leaving work, "l," or home, "h."

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According to the victims, Roberts would put them down and berate them, then at the end of a meeting, build them up and tell them they were beautiful and had potential.

"He mentally missed me up," she said. "I think about it daily. I wish it could leave my head."

According to previous conversations about life inside the mansion, Roberts dressed them all the same and pressured them to get matching tattoos with the slogan "Loyalty over Power." Some of the women also got tattoos indicating they support the gang known as Gangster Disciples, which authorities said Roberts was affiliated with.