MARIETTA, GA - Police have arrested an alleged graffiti artist for his involvement with numerous tags in the city of Marietta.

Officers have arrested William Carswell and charged him with 15 felonies related to criminal trespass.

Detectives began their investigation back in September when officers received a report about vandalism at 1476 Roswell Road.

During the initial investigation of the incident it was discovered that “WUSHU” was carved into the window of Beats Barber Shop. Responding officers canvased the area speaking with residents and business owners in search of a witness.

Eventually, the officers developed a description of an individual that had used spray paint on an ice machine near 1462 Roswell Road. The officers found numerous tags on Roswell Road including in Cobb County’s jurisdiction which officials say are identical to those in Marietta.

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This investigation sparked a deeper look at the acts of vandalism in the Cobb County area, linking together footage of several locations being tagged by a man that fit Carswell’s description.

Police said Caswell has two prior arrests, each with similar charges of interference with government property, criminal trespass and criminal damage to property.

The Marietta Police Department has contacted neighboring agencies in reference to similar acts of vandalism in their jurisdictions that may also be linked to Carswell.

The current investigations into the tagging problem in the area is ongoing.