ATHENS, Ga. -- The 911 tapes that followed a reported rape on the UGA campus were released on Friday.

Now, investigators say they have identified a person of interest in the case after releasing surveillance video the previous night. The video showed a man in the area where the alleged rape and they were working to find out if there was a connection.

However, the investigators won't say if he is, in fact, a suspect they plan to charge or merely a person of interest they would like to speak with.

However, the recently released 911 audio does give a better idea of the time that followed the heinous crime. An acquaintance of the victim made a 911 call hours later.


Students concerned after rape on UGA campus

According to a police report, the woman was walking home from a local bar between 2 and 3 a.m. when an unknown man began to walk with her.

The report states that the walk turned into a violent attack as the stranger forced the student to the ground and raped her in the loading area near Moores-Rooker Hall on Hull Street.

Detectives said the woman had visible abrasions on her knees, arms and back but refused medical treatment for those injuries.

11Alive has made multiple requests to university officials for new information. However, we're told that the case is still under investigation and they cannot say whether an arrest has been made or if there is a connection between the man in the video and the rape case.

11Alive will continue to follow the developments of the investigation.