ATHENS, Ga. -- On any average day, Lavender Road is just a fading stretch of blacktop carved through trees and small neighborhoods in northern Athens. So when neighbors saw those colors giving way to red and blue lights late Thursday, they noticed.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department took the brunt of that curiosity over their phones before heading to their computers to deliver a message - and not a happy one.

They were searching. Someone had been stabbed to death along Lavender and the person responsible was, for a time, on the run. And while they didn't explain what followed in their pursuit of an apparently armed suspect, police did bring some ease to the minds of neighbors by confirming that this person has been caught.

What's next? Police are still trying to add-up the details and answer the basic questions of the investigation. As for what answers they plan to release, investigators are saying they'll share details when they have them.

Locals responded online with words of appreciation to the officers for their work - and welcomed the police presence given the circumstances. Meanwhile, others shared another sentiment that may stick around until more of those details come to light: "Lock your doors."