INDIANAPOLIS - As its coaches work to build a national brand, it's no surprise to see the Georgia Bulldogs taking shots at landing top prospects from the West Coast.

That includes the nation's No. 27 player overall, Isaac Taylor-Stuart of San Diego's St. Augustine High School.

“My dad says Coach [Mel] Tucker is always hitting him up to get me down there to come take a visit. They’re always texting," Taylor-Stuart said. "Coach Tucker told me, ‘Yeah, you gotta get down here Isaac.’ I told him we’d see and just to keep talking to my dad.”

With ample size and blazing speed, the Bulldogs believe the four-star defender could play a vital role.

“They’ve told me it’d be at corner. They want me there to cover taller receivers and just dominate,” Taylor-Stuart

Will all of the flattery lead to a visit to Georgia?

“I don’t have any visits or teams set up just yet. It’s a possibility, yes. I’m not going to say no. I want to see some other states. Georgia is a possibility," Taylor-Stuart said. "They’ve established a great relationship with my dad. I’ve also got family down there from Dad’s side. I think they’re in Atlanta.”

Taylor-Stuart doesn't seem to mind the idea of playing away from home either.

“It’d be pretty easy. It’s something you have to learn in life, to move," he said. "I can always come back to the West Coast whenever I’m done with football, so it’s easy.”

For now, though, everyone is playing catch-up.

“The team recruiting me hardest is Ohio State," Taylor-Stuart said. "The coach always texts me to see how I’m doing and how my day was. He wants to see how my team is. It’s just great.”