ATLANTA - A report of a sexual assault that allegedly happened to a student at the University of Georgia is at the center of an investigation.

Police said the incident happened outside of Creswell Hall just before 3 a.m. Thursday. According to a police report, one of the residents was assaulted after waiting for the rideshare service Uber.

In an incident report obtained by 11Alive, the male driver told the victim that he was not an Uber driver but offered to give her a ride to Creswell anyway. The man locked all the doors and proceeded to touch her inappropriately on her thighs.

In a memo sent out to university students about the incident, the victim stated to the University official that the driver was described as a "creepy older white guy." Once the two arrived at the destination, the male driver did not let her out of her car until she gave him a kiss, according to police.

The victim gave the driver a kiss and he let her out of the car at Finley Street near the Russel parking lot. She quickly ran out of the vehicle but fell causing cuts and scrapes to one of her knees and one of her elbows.

UGA said there were 17 reported cases of rape in 2016 alone. Another student said she was raped while on the University of Georgia campus on October 5.

The University of Georgia Police Department urges all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the UGA campus to follow personal safety strategies designed to lessen their chances of being victims of crime, regardless of when and where they may travel in the area.

Some of these strategies include always traveling in groups when possible, always being aware of your surroundings, traveling in well-lit areas when possible, and, if the choice is made to consume alcohol, consuming in a responsible and moderate manner.

If anyone has information that may be related to this or any other criminal act police ask that they contact the University of Georgia Police Department as soon as possible at 706-542-2200.