ATLANTA -- A major Atlanta brewery has announced plans to expand with a new facility. But to those who fear seeing the brewery take a step toward leaving the city – fear not.

Monday Night Brewing has announced plans for a 22,000 facility that will include many things – from an orchard to new tasting rooms – to southwest Atlanta.

This came after, the company said, they were courted by other cities in Georgia and outside the state for the new location.

"Ultimately, we love this city and want to help build something great here, a spokesperson for Monday Night Brewing said in a statement online.

The company posted plans on its website that establish a location in the area of Lee and White streets in hopes of being up and running by the summer of 2017.

The location is also off of the southwest corridor of the Atlanta Beltline which is currently under construction.

“We started thinking about additional space for barrel-aging, but before we got too far down the road, we realized we needed to approach this potentially large business decision via our stated purpose,” the company said in a statement on their website.

The company now hopes to bring more people together over locally brewed beer in what they described as an underserved part of Atlanta.

Monday Night Brewing has also released photos of the new brewery insides as they begin the process of making the new location their second home - with three-dimensional models of dinosaurs for scale. (Hey, why not?)