The attorney for the Uber rider who was allegedly punched in the face says the driver is "lying to try to justify his brutal criminal act."

Attorney Sandy Becher is representing Anna Armas, who says she was punched in the face after an altercation with her Uber driver. According to police reports obtained by 11Alive News, Armas asked the driver why he was going the "long way." It led to an argument before the driver told her and her friend to get out of the car.

When she called the driver a "dumb ass," she says he punched her in the face and drove off.

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The Uber driver, Yero Bandele, also filed a police report detailing a different version of the altercation. He says Armas slapped him after calling him several derogatory names. He says he never punched her, but did push her before he left the scene.

In a statement released exclusively to 11Alive News, Bandele said, "I have driven over 2000 riders of all ethnicities, gender and ages a few of which were arrogant, condescending, disrespectful and at various stages of intoxication, but none have ever felt they had the privilege or authority to slap me in my face."

Read his full statement here.

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Becher tells 11Alive the driver's version of events is a total fabrication.

"We categorically deny that she in anyway shape or form remotely touched the driver. As the two independent witnesses that were present have stated, this was nothing more than a grown man driving for UBER pulling two young girls over to the side of the road in an unknown neighborhood asking them to get out and beating my client in the face flooring her instantly," the attorney said.

"We can also see the mentality we are dealing with here as the man, by his own police report, felt he was entitled to bust her face up because he thought he was insulted."

In a statement to 11Alive, Uber said they are looking into the matter and have suspended the driver's app so that he cannot pick up anyone else. The Uber representative said this is standard practice.