POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. -- A teen with special needs who went missing was found around 4:00 Monday morning a good distance from his home, police said.

Sgt. Bernard Ellis with Powder Springs Police said Cobb County Police received a call from a citizen about a person fitting the description of missing 17-year-old Scott Little at the Walmart Marketplace on Austell Road.
Little was last seen on Lockerbie Lane off of Pine Grove Drive around 1:30 p.m., Sunday. He was wearing a hoodie and blue jeans with black tennis shoes with blue and white stripes.

Cobb Co. Police arrived and located him in front of the WalMart and took him home where Powder Springs Police met them. Sgt. Ellis said the teen said he was tired, hungry and cold and did not know where he was. Sgt. Ellis said there was grass or weeds on his back and hair as if he had been lying down outdoors. Little said he was happy to be home.