CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Authorities have identified 22 people arrested on various charges in a prostitution sting in Clayton County.

The arrests were made Sept. 29 as part of an undercover joint operation between police department, sheriff's office and U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The operation targeted crimes such as prostitution, pandering and solicitation in various areas of Clayton County.

Clayton County officials said it also served as an opportunity to provide services to those who are currently victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking or seeking to exit the sex-trade lifestyle.

The men and women arrested face charges ranging from prostitution and pandering to possession of controlled substances.

Photos | Mug shots from Clayton County prostitution sting

Those arrested include:

* Watson-Robinson, Antwan – 21 y/o, Pandering and Giving a False Name and Date of Birth

* Fitzpatrick, Richard – 62 y/o, Pandering and Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act

* Vazquez-Loyola, Juan – 34 y/o, Pandering

* Wine, Bianca – 27 y/o, Prostitution

*Hasberry, Jerome – 28 y/o, Possession of Marijuana (Less than an oz.)

* Bogle, Amanda – 27 y/o, Prostitution

*Hornbaker, Tracey – 36 y/o, Prostitution

* Powell, Lawrence – 53 y/o, Pandering and Possession of Marijuana (Less than an oz.)

*Cuadrado, Lorenzana, - 36 y/o, Pimping and Keeping a place of prostitution

*Chapman, Dionandre – 27 y/o, Pandering

* Gibson, Crystal – 34 y/o, Prostitution

*Rayshad, Rasaul – 50 y/o, Pandering

*James, Charlene – 28 y/o, Prostitution

* Rohr Depass, Tamaya – 22 y/o, Prostitution

* Brown, Don Emmanuel – 67 y/o, Pandering

* Bostick, Earl – 47 y/o, Pandering

* Thurman, Leon Jr. – 69 y/o, Pandering

*Hernandez-Mejia, Fermin – 25 y/o, Pandering

*Crawford, Starla – 33 y/o, Prostitution and Possession of Marijuana (Less than 1 oz.)

* Pittman, Chance – 22 y/o, Prostitution

* Horton, Maurice – 26 y/o, Prostitution and Possession of Marijuana (Less than 1 oz.)

*** Charges against Nkuwui Luyeye were later dismissed upon completion of a pre-trial intervention program.

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