(WXIA) -- If you need any shopping done this fall, this is the time to do it. It's for babies all the way up to seniors.

Best Impressions In Stylist Sue DeVos says Georgia Tax Free Weekend is a no holds barred holiday for everyone, as long as you know what to look for.

"Look for the sale items, clearance items, special promotions, buy two, get one free," DeVos said.

The discounts don't stop there though. She says to think of any way you can double up on your savings.

"If you're a senior, you might get a senior discount, if you're a college student, you may get a student discount with a college ID."

It's also important to mind the price.

"The dollar limit is $100 or less, so you definitely want to stick with that limit because if it costs $105, you'll be paying the whole tax," DeVos said.

That can make it tricky if you're shopping for work, but she says there are ways around it.

"You want to look for suit separates, because the suit itself, if priced together, will be over the $100 limit."

But lastly, she says you don't want to spend all of the savings you rack up.

"Look for what you actually need and what you're going to use. Don't just go crazy and blow your budget."