ATLANTA, Ga – Don’t even try to smuggle anything improper through Atlanta’s airport when the Beagle Brigade is on the job.

The team of canines are part of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists who worked at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport over the Thanksgiving holidays, including over the nation’s busiest traveling day.

On Wednesday, Joey, one of the beagles, caught scent of something in the baggage of a traveler from Peru. Officials discovered an entire roasted pig in the traveler’s baggage. The pig was seized and destroyed.

Pork and pork products from other continents are prohibited from entry into the U.S. to prevent the potential introduction of foreign animal diseases such as food and mouth disease and other diseases.

On the same day, a traveler arriving from Uzbekistan was found to have fruit trees, carrots, and cured sausages consisting of horsemeat. The trees lacked an import permit and other certificates, while the meat and fresh carrots were seized to prevent the potential introduction of pests or animal diseases.

On Friday, Candie alerted her handlers to the baggage of a Bulgarian traveler. Officials discovered fig trees, tulip bulbs, and almond seeds.

All fruit, vegetables and food products must be declared and presented for inspection, regardless of their origin.

On a typical day nationally, agriculture officials and their teams inspect more than 1 million people as well as air and sea cargo imported to the United States and intercept 4,657 prohibited meat, plant materials or animal products.

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