A trip to the grocery store lead to a $246.8M Powerball jackpot win.

William and Heather ten Broeke won the Sept. 17 Powerball jackpot from a ticket they purchased in Atlanta. William said his wife reminded him to buy it when they were at the Publix on Town Blvd.

“Without her reminding me to buy the ticket, we wouldn’t have won,” ten Broeke said.

The Brookhaven couple decided to take the cash option which totaled $165,613,511 before taxes.

Winning numbers from the Sept. 17 Powerball drawing were: 9-19-51-55-62 and the Powerball was 14.

The Georgia Lottery has returned more than $17.6 billion to the state for education, according to the corporation.

They couple tells the Georgia Lottery they plan on investing, traveling, helping family and donating money to charity.