BROOKHAVEN, Ga. -- An area resident is crediting the actions of the DeKalb Fire Rescue Department for saving his cat from a large apartment fire.

“That’s incredible, thank you, thank you,” resident Scott Cartwright said to firefighters with his big kitten Lewis in-hand. “Y’all are awesome, y’all are awesome.”

Fire officials believe at least eight units are damaged by a two-alarm apartment fire in DeKalb County.

The fire happened at an apartment complex in the 1700 block of Oglethorpe Drive in Brookhaven late Saturday night. DeKalb Fire spokesperson Eric Jackson told 11Alive that when crews arrived they found fire already breaking through the roof.

“We heard the front door open and ‘get out, get out,’ Cartwright said. “You know, we’ve heard it before. Get up and get your clothes on. And then they came back again and said, ‘Get out, the place is on fire.’”

But Lewis didn’t follow.

“The whole time we ran out with the dogs,” he said. “I went back and looked for the cat.”

Not finding him, Cartwright feared the worst as the room had been heavily damaged by the fire. But firefighters did find Lewis who may have road out most of the fire inside.

Fire officials advised the owner bring his cat to a veterinarian soon. But in a night of so much loss, Cartwright appeared to be happy Lewis wasn’t part of it.

This came amid a tough night of fighting flames for the crew, who were hindered by several vehicles driving over their water hoses as they tried to bring the blaze under control. DeKalb Fire Spokesman Captain Eric Jackson stressed the importance of keeping these lines clear during firefighting. He added that stopping the flow of water was equivalent to cutting off a lifeline for the men and women entering the flames that night as they worked to rescue potential victims.

Luckily, there were no reports of injuries involving residents or firefighters. As for Lewis, he seemed to be no worse for wear – though very wet and not happy about it.