ATLANTA -- After implementing Swiftwater rescue operations, Atlanta Fire was able to extract three men who were swept into Peachtree Creek early Thursday morning.

A call came into Atlanta Fire at 1 a.m., to report that three males were seen being swept into a creek on Piedmont Road and Garson Drive. An Atlanta PD supervisor made the initial call.

The men traveled about a quarter of a mile before being stopped by a few rocks. Two of the men made their way to one side of the bank while the other went to the opposite side.

The Swiftwater rescue operation required four men holding onto one another to reach the victim and bring him back to safety.

According to Atlanta Fire, the creek's water levels were much higher than normal, causing for more caution and more concern for unsafe conditions.

It is still unknown as to why or how the men entered the creek. All three men were in stable condition and are being evaluated for any injuries.

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