ATLANTA -- A group of alleged criminals may have thought their plan to bump a car and then steal it from the driver was clever. But neglecting to get rid of a device in the back proved to be their downfall.

Atlanta police said the call first came in around 11:30 p.m. in the area of Alpine Drive and E. Wesley Road. That's where officers met with the victims who said their 2009 Mercedes CLS 550 was stolen after being rear-ended by a black Jaguar.

The victims told police that after hitting their car, two suspects armed with handguns jumped out of the Jaguar and demanded the victims' belongings and stole their vehicle. A third suspect followed along in the Jaguar.

Both cars were soon spotted on Piedmont Avenue at Sidney Marcus Boulevard and officers made an attempt to stop them. They ultimately got away - for the time being.

Investigators learned from one of the victims that there was an iPad in the stolen vehicle which they used to track the car back to an East Point, Georgia apartment complex.

Officers responded to the area and found the car. As they approached, though, two occupants ran from the scene. Police managed to catch 17-year-old Daquarious Rowland after a chase and brief struggle. He now faces charges of hijacking a motor vehicle and armed robbery. The second suspect is still on the run.

Many handheld electronic devices now include GPS connectivity to help owners find and recover them. In this case, that technology also led to a stolen car, the victim's wallet and two guns.