ATLANTA -- The sponsor of a new Campus Carry bill says she thinks the bill can pass muster with the governor who vetoed a similar bill last year. The new bill has one slight change.

Like last year’s bill, the 2017 version of Campus Carry would allow anybody with a permit to carry a weapon onto a state college campus, like Georgia State University downtown. Backers say robberies and other campus crimes make Campus Carry essential for self-defense. But last year, Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed Campus Carry . So far this year he has given no hint whether he would do it again.

This year’s version of the bill allows guns on campus except at athletic facilities and student housing facilities. Before he vetoed it last year, Deal said he also wanted exclusions for on campus day care centers – and the offices of college professors. Campus Carry 2017 now has an exclusion for day care facilities. But its sponsor, Mandi Ballinger, left out an exclusion for offices.

"At times some college professors made unwanted advances toward female students," Ballinger said, adding she didn't want students to be "completely unarmed and unable to defend yourself " with a weapon.

Ballinger says she hopes this year’s Campus Carry bill will nonetheless satisfy the governor’s concerns.