Part of a local hip hop display was removed on Tuesday after complaints from the community.

The car in front of Atlanta's newest attraction the "Trap House" on Howell Mill Rd. was towed away.

But that hasn't stopped people from coming. They've been coming for weeks ever since Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz painted a house, a stove and car bright pink as a part of the marketing for his new album, Pretty Girls like Trap Music. It's sitting at No. 1 on Billboard's Rap Albums Charts.

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The "Trap House" has become an Instagram hot spot for people visiting the home. By definition, the terms trap house is a place where drugs are sold but it has also become a general word to describe a place where people gather.

Photos | Atlanta's pink "Trap House"

On Tuesday, the car displayed out front was towed away because the windshield was damaged from people jumping on top of it. People who wanted to appreciate the display were frustrated it was removed.

King Stone was still trying to take pictures as the trap car was being towed away. He said drove all the way from Philadelphia to see it.

"I'm definitely disappointed. At the end of the day this is for us, this is for culture," he said.

He says the 12 hour ride was worth it to take a picture in front of the trap house and see the display.

"It might not seem big to a lot of people, but it's definitely important to us," Stone said.

Police and local council member Felicia Moore received complaints about the house, specifically the car and oven out front. Business owners in the area say it's been a huge headache.

"It's so dangerous! People are running across the street, almost getting hit by cars, and some people have been so nasty to us business owners," Pam Barry said.

Businesses have placed cones with 'no parking' signs in their parking lots to try and curb the amount of people taking up their spaces to visit the "Trap House."

There are no signs of it slowing down.

"It's everywhere! It's on Twitter, on Instagram, on Snap Chat, on TV, on the radio, it's everywhere," Tatiana Quartz said.

She said she understands why neighboring businesses are upset about trash on the ground and increased traffic in the area, but she still wants 2 Chainz to keep it up.

"I can see if he buys another one to buy a parking lot, if it's permanent, but just for now, I think it's okay," Quartz said.

2 Chainz only rented the house through July 7th, but part of his management team on site told 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross that because it's been so popular, they may extend the lease.