VILLA RICA, Ga. -- A community is rallying around a military family of four who lost everything they own in a fire on Saturday night.

Saturday night was a nightmare for the Corry family in Villa Rica. Ever since, they say they've received blessing after blessing.

Fire took down their home and destroyed everything they own. The fire was probably caused by lightning during the evening storms.

Now, Phillip and Twana Corry and their daughters -- 6-year-old Paisley and 9-year-old Phylicia -- are finding out their neighbors' generosity and caring are more powerful than any lightning storm.

Neighbors are filling Michelle Toebben's garage down the street with clothing, books and school supplies.

Around the corner, Carmen Zamudio-Rubles is helping coordinate donations of gift cards and cash for this Air Force reservist recently back from active duty overseas -- for him and his family.

"He's actually given his life for our freedom, for our safey," said Zumudio-Rubles. "I think that's the least that we can do for him is to come out and help him. He's given everything so we can be there."

The Corry family does have insurance, but it turns out their best insurance is their neighbors.

"Immediately people went and got food, got clothing," said Twana Corry, as she and Phillip fought back tears of gratitude. "They were like, 'What size do your kids wear? What can we do to help?' Immediately -- I think they didn't think about it...It's just overwhelming. It really is."

The Corrys are staying with neighbors until they can find a place to rent and then they will rebuild.

Friends have set up a Facebook page for the Corrys for anyone who would like to help. Click here for more information.