ATLANTA – There is contradiction on Atlanta's roadways as travelers get mixed messages about the price of littering.

Drive along the I-85 access road between Clairmont and Shallowford Road, and you'll see the signs warning of the fine for tossing your trash out of your car window.

On the east side of I-85, heading north, the signs tell you the maximum fine is $1,200.

On the other side of the interstate, traveling south, the signs indicate the top fine is $1,000.

A $200 savings?

The state DOT says years ago, the legislature lowered the maximum fine for littering on the highway, from $1,200, down to $1,000.

The signs along Georgia roadways were altered to reflect the change.

Well, most of them were.

When Commuter Dude called to ask the DOT about the conflicting signs, the agency acknowledged that someone missed the remaining $1,200 signs, and that they would be replaced.

Of course, the easiest way to avoid confusion is simply not to litter.